Thank you for visiting our website. Our research group started its activities in 2008 and is situated in the Chemistry Institute of São Carlos, at the University of São Paulo (campus II at São Carlos city, state of São Paulo). Our main research projects include the development of new methodologies in organic synthesis employing sulfur ylides and diazo compounds, total synthesis of natural products and environmental chemistry (especially biomass chemistry). To know a little more about our research, please click "More". Welcome and enjoy the tour!
Latest News and Events
February, 2021:  Congratulations to David and Jorge for the accepted review in The Chemical Record!
October, 2020:  Congratulations to Jorge and David for the accepted review in EurJoc!
May, 2020:  Congratulations to Lucas for the accepted article in Tetrahedron!
May, 2020:  Congratulations to Patrícia for the accepted article in Angewandte Chemie!
April, 2020:  Congratulations to Clarice and Matheus for the accepted article in Journal of Organic Chemistry!
Antonio Burtoloso, Ph.D.

​​(Associate Professor)


Laboratory Warner Bruce Kover

Department of Physical Chemistry

Chemistry Institute of São Carlos, USP

Av. João Dagnone, 1100

Loteamento Habitacional

CEP: 13.563-120, São Carlos (SP)



(16) 3373 8641 (OFFICE)

(16) 3373 8652 (LAB.)






Universidade de São Paulo, 2016

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